Each year, the PVPEF Enrichment Committee develops a menu of performances and experiences to delight and enhance the education of the young people attending public school in Ponte Vedra. From art and theatre to musical performances, these enrichment activities contribute immeasurably to the overall educational experience of our children.

Enrichment Programs

Physical Theatre with Chris Beaulieu & Jess Pillmore
Chris and Jess will teach 30 hours of in school classes emphasizing Physical Theatre – Ensemble Building Workshops. They will teach specific skills such as stage combat, commedia mask, clown & contact improvisations. They will also bring the ensemble theatre work with the lens of Shakespeare looking at different modes of storytelling and how to create their own point of view inside Shakespeare’s work.

Masked Messenger – The Masked Messenger is a series of vignettes ranging from comic to bizarre to poignant. Body language, psychological insight, and humor are the driving forces that captivate audiences. The set consists of an impressive collection of masks, created by Mr. Faust, exhibited center stage. After a brief and informative mock-lecture about the myriad uses of masks in cultures throughout the world, the per-formers begin to demonstrate the power of transformation buy removing the masks from the wall, and assuming the emotional state expressed in each face. A variety of characters spring to life.

Hobey Ford: World Tales – Hobey Ford is known for his excellence in puppetry per-formance and craft as well as his skill as a master storyteller. Hobey designs and con-structs all his Golden Rod puppets. His performances present puppetry styles and tradi-tional tales from the United States and around the world. During the show he takes time to explore and explain his unique process of puppet craftsmanship through the hilarious antics of “Chester the Dog.”

Poetry Palooza! Alan Wolf – Poetry Palooza introduces young readers to four im-portant elements of poetry: Rhyme, Rhythm, Music and Story. Audience members become an important part of the show through call-and-response participation—even joining him on stage to bring the poetry to life.

Cello Man – Cello Man makes great music—from Bach to rock— accessible to audienc-es of all ages. Using masked characters, stories, comedy and the recorded “songs” of humpback whales, Eugene Friesen draws upon a lifetime of experience in music and theater to inspire and educate. From serious classics to serious fun, CelloMan provides a glimpse of exquisite playing and musical innovation rarely seen.

Yale Bakers Dozen – Traveling troubadours from Yale amuse and entertain.

CAAP (Children’s Access To Art Program)

Artwork reproductions are brought into the classroom to stimulate discussion of famous works of art.
Grades K-5
Readers Aloud
This program brings volunteer readers into the classroom to instill in students the love of reading. Funds will purchase books for the program.

Each spring PVPEF holds an art awards reception at the Sawgrass Marriott to honor students and teachers, displaying judged, original student art created by students in grades K-12.